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This is HSR 014! SALSA SHARK from Munich. Yes, that one in Bavaria! They say it's hardcorekids playing pop.

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released February 1, 2015

Recorded, produced and mastered August 2014 by Guido

In loving memory of Wauz



all rights reserved


Hectic Society Records Wiesbaden, Germany

Aiming for counter-culture, not sub-culture since 2010

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Track Name: Laugh // Talk
Drink your booze, but shut your face
Listen to records that you give a shit about
Draw your life in pretention and pretend that your great
Get your friends together and ruin their relatinships
I hope you sleep in a comfortable bed
I hope you're walking to the ones that you hate
I'm sorry but my life does not exist in bullshit forms
Track Name: Easter Islands
The dirt under my nails
This itching in my neck
Just pack all your shit up
Let's leave all this behind
Track Name: Cheesy Goodness
A simple click, a knock on my head
This endless phrase, it's a race with no end
Stappeled boxes, no more save ends
I got away with it, no more obsessions
No more excuses
Track Name: Fragile Fragments
Fragile fragments, we build up lies
Boredom and wisdom can't make a whole
Despair and disbelief go down the drain
Despair and disbelief, it's happening again
Everyone you love will turn to dust
Everyone you trust, they might fall for lust
Everyone you love will turn to dust
It's about everyone you trust